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Used to dealing with many common issues, we know exactly what to do to fix them. Here are just a few of the sewer problems that we can deal with:

  • Broken pipe
  • Collapses
  • Corroded or badly deteriorated cast iron
  • Cracked pipe
  • Intrusion by roots
  • Poor drainage
  • Sagging or low spots
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If you think you may have any of these problems or discover an unpleasant smell, blockage or escape of sewage, we are here to help.  One of the ways that we can fix the problem is with a trenchless sewer pipe repair.

What is a trenchless sewer pipe repair?

We have special equipment that enables us to repair/replace your sewer line without having to dig it up and make a massive mess. There are two methods that we can use:a

  1. Pipe Bursting – this is suitable when we need to replace the pipe.
  2. Cured in Place Pipe Lining – used to make your pipe good again by using epoxy.

Pipe Bursting by Plumber of Phoenix

pipe bursting phoenixThis is a common method used by us to replace your sewer line. We excavate two holes, one at each end of the line. One will be close to your residence and the other where your sewer pipe connects into the city main line.  We make use of a hydraulic machine. This breaks open your old pipe and at the same time, puts a new sewer pipe in place. The new pipe is made of high-density polyethylene plastic and is guaranteed to never become defective or block.

Why use Pipe Bursting?

If you come to us with a collapsed sewer pipe in Phoenix, we will begin by accessing both ends in order to carry out a repair process called ‘Pipe Bursting’.  We then run a high-tension steel cable through the pipe and on one end is a tool that bursts open the old pipe, creating a new pathway for your sewer line.  Using a hydraulic pump and engine, we then pull through a steel cable followed by the new plastic pipe, made of high-density polyethylene.  It puts a new sewer pipeline in place with zero mess.

Cured in Place Pipe Lining by Plumber of Phoenix

pipe lining phoenixThis time we will use epoxy to coat within the inside of your sewer. First, we take a flexible soft felt tube, soaked in epoxy. We then put this inside the drain. Once it has set and cured, you are left with a new pipe inside the old one. We don’t need to remove the old pipe and it is a perfect way of repairing and restoring cast iron pipes under slab foundations of homes in Phoenix.

Why use Cured in Place Pipe Lining?

Cured in Place Pipe Lining is a great technique for repairing and restoring old pipes, whether made from cast iron, clay, plastic or cement. Even if your drain is badly cracked, the liner will fix the fracture and allow the sewer pipe to work as it should, without leakage or smell. The process begins by us sending a small camera through the pipe in order to see what sort of problems are occurring. We will do this by using the clean-out access in your yard. Using a container filled with pressurized air, we will blow the liner into the pipe. We can do this even if the pipe runs under your home.  We then use air pressure to push the new liner into place and up against the walls of the old damaged pipe. Finally, hot water is circulated through the liner to cure it. You are now the happy owner of a seamless pipe, resting inside the old one, which has a full lifetime guarantee.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement & Repair in Phoenix

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What causes sewer pipe failures?

Damage to sewers caused by root intrusion

Quite often the roots from plants and trees break through and invade your sewer pipes.  But you don’t need to worry; we can remove them by using specialized root cutting drain equipment which is done by inserting a high-pressure hose into your sewer drain. This blasts out at a pressure of 4,000 PSI of water, which is safe for your pipes.  It spins a cutting blade on the end of the hose which cuts away all the roots, leaving it clear and free from blockages.

Old and corroded cast iron pipes

corroded sewer pipe phoenixIf you have an old house, you may find cast iron pipes placed underneath the slab. Some of the problems that we tackle with sewer pipe repairs are because in the past, this type of cast iron piping was used. This is known to crack, rust and leak and often clients living in old properties don’t even know that they have an issue. When a cast iron pipe cracks and leaks, the sewage does not move along the pipe and remains under your home. In time you may notice unpleasant smells and even leaks. Once the sewer fails, then getting to the pipes to repair them could be a very invasive process. But it doesn’t have to be as our professional team will use our sophisticated high-resolution cameras to identify your plumbing issues, no matter where the problem may be.

When it comes to old cast iron pipes, we can replace them with resin using CIPP technology (Cured in Place Pipe Lining). We can repair your pipes without ever needing to dig up the floor or create trenches. Our Cured in Place Pipe Lining process uses a felt tube coated in epoxy. Once put in place in the old drain under the slab, a new pipe is created within the old one without any digging. CIPP allows us to repair and replace the cast iron pipes in a cost-effective way. It takes only a few days to carry out and leaves your property mess free. This service all comes with a full warranty.

Sagging or low spots in pipes

When this happens and you have a sag in the pipe, it will begin to drain the wrong way.  In this case we will make use of the Pipe Bursting technique. Using a high-tension steel cable, this goes through the pipe. On one end is a specialist tool that breaks open the old pipe and makes enough room for the new sewer pipe to be pulled into place. The new sewer is made of high-density polyethylene pipe, providing you with a long lasting solution that you will never have to worry about in the future.

No-dig drain renewal and pipe repair

Trenchless sewer repair phoenix

When drains or sewer pipes are worn out, damaged or collapsing, our no-dig trenchless sewer repair technology provides a fast, effective and unobtrusive solution. The great thing is that we do not need to dig up your slab, floors or yard as there is very little or zero excavation involved. We can work under driveways and all sorts of spaces, whether inside or outside.

You benefit in so many ways. We repair or replace the pipe with no fuss or stress. We don’t need to remove the old pipe but simply put a new lining into the damaged or broken one.  Forget excavation, the use of heavy machinery or noise and mess. This truly is no-dig technology, a method that is fast, clean and green, far outclassing the old-fashioned dig and replace methods.  And when it saves time, it saves you money too.

It makes no difference what shape or size your pipes are, or how old.  You can rely on us to provide the best solution to your sewer problem.  We carry out all types of linings and patch repairs and are used to working with a multitude of drains and sewers.

Trenchless sewer repairs (no-dig technology) is a wonderful way of repairing your pipes, simply by installing a tough liner inside of the damaged section.  Once we have cured the liner in place, it provides a new pipe inside the old one.  We use a variety of methods and will always choose the one that is most suited to your sewer.  If the sewer pipes are unusually large, we may bring into play other techniques such as panel systems, joint repairs and segment panel systems.

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Sewer line camera inspections

Cracked or Broken Pipe RepairThe cameras that we use to explore your sewers and drains pan and tilt to give us a good overall view of the condition of the pipes.  This way, we can view and locate the exact form of any damage before we start looking at the best method of repair.   Whilst doing this, we will clean the pipes using a high-pressure jet.  This will then reveal any areas that are being hidden by sludge, debris or dirt.  Once the exploratory part of the job is over, we will repair and restore your sewer pipes or drains using our no-dig trenchless methods.

Over the years, sewer line cameras have become the most accurate and efficient way of diagnosing plumbing issues, no matter how complicated.  This way, plumbers like us can get a detailed look inside the pipes to see what kind of condition they are in, if they are damaged and if so, what needs to be done to repair them.  This way, we don’t have to guess or waste time trying to find out what is wrong, damaging property at the same time.  Our trenchless repair system totally eradicates this, meaning we don’t have to dig up pipes purely to inspect them.

Sewer line jetting systems

Even new sewer lines and drains can get clogged up or slow at some point.   When this happens, we work with clients in the Phoenix area, making use of our services to disperse grease and debris within the pipes.  Lots of methods can be used to fix the problem and our sewer line jetting system is one of these.  Over the years, things like hair, minerals, grease and general debris build up inside the pipes.  With time, this build up thickens and increases until eventually it creates a narrowing or blockage of the pipes.  This means that nothing can pass through the sewer or the drain.  Water will begin to back up, flow in reverse and even rise through the system.  By using our high-pressure jetting system with a special kind of nozzle, we can blast all this out of the way.  The machine generates a strong and powerful stream of water that is heavily pressurized.  As we shoot it through the drain, it removes clogs and blockages that will not move with the use of snaking bendable drain rods.  Tree roots, heavy grease build up and general masses will be jetted out of the way.  This only takes a few hours and is a very clean and fast method.  It is also far more affordable than having to use more manual processes.