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No matter where your leak is, we will find it and fix it! Plumber of Phoenix are skilled when it comes to detecting leaks throughout the area of Phoenix. If you think you may have a hidden leak but just can’t find it, call us.

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If you have a hidden leak in your property in Phoenix, various symptoms may alert you to this. You may hear water running when all plumbing is turned off. Water bills may become worryingly high, wet spots may appear on floors or water may bubble up under the floor. If any of these things are happening or you just feel that something is wrong with our water system, then you need to make use of our leak detection Phoenix service.

Where do leaks occur?

We will locate and repair leaks in all sorts of places including:

  • Irrigation systems
  • Mains services in yard
  • Sewers and drains
  • Slabs
  • Swimming pool water lines
  • Those resulting in unpleasant smells from possible stagnant water or drains/sewers
  • Walls and ceilings
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Symptoms of leaks

Let’s look at some of these issues one by one:

phoenix water leak

Hearing water running when turned off

This could indicate a sub-surface slab leak.  The leak is under your slab and the water cannot get to the surface so instead it may be seeping into the ground below your home.  By making use of our leak detection service, we will bring into play our electronic leak detection equipment to pinpoint the source.  We can then fix the leak.

Your water bill is exceptionally high

Again, this may mean that you have a leak.  When you call us, we will check out the water meter and see if the dial is moving.  If your plumbing is off and the meter is running, you have a leak.  You can check this out for yourself.  We can locate this, whether it is under your slab, in the pool or even the irrigation system.

phoenix water puddle at home

You have a wet puddle or spot in your home

Within your home, you will have water pipelines that run through the walls, ceiling and attic; maybe even under the slab.  There will also be drain lines under the slab. If you have a wet spot, again you need to check your water meter to see if the plumbing system is leaking.  If the dial is moving when it shouldn’t be, our leak detection service will solve the problem.

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How we find your leaks

honest and affordable plumber phoenixIn order to detect any of these leaks, and plenty of other types, we will use thermal imaging equipment and acoustic sound detectors. They will show us the exact location of the leak so that we can access it and put in place a plan for repairs.

How we fix the leak will depend very much on where the leak is. If the water is escaping under your slab, a pipe may have a hole in it.  Alternatively, there could be a leak inside a pipe in one of the walls. If you have a lot of plumbing in the area where the water is forming, the leak could be there. But you don’t need to worry about where the water is escaping from as by using our leak detection equipment, we will be able to find the source. Even if the leak is in your pool and below the surface, we will pinpoint it by using our equipment combined with our amassed knowledge and deductive reasoning. We have been dealing with mystery leaks for more than 18 years so you can count on Plumber of Phoenix to resolve yours, no matter where they may be.

Some of the leaks that we have located and repaired in Phoenix

  • Underground leak – our customer called because they had a large pool of water in their yard. Making use of our leak detection equipment, we tracked the leak down to the main water pipe. The pipe was made from galvanized materials and had become very old, corroding and leaking. We decided to replace with new pipe.
  • Leak under concrete slab – this resulted in water damage to the kitchen. We had to re-route the water pipe in the wall as this was the cheapest and least invasive way of making good the repair.
  • Water line repair – here a leak in the front yard was traced back to the mains water pipe. Because it was made from polybutylene, we had to replace the length of pipe from the meter to the mains supply. This was done in just one day using HDPE PEX pipe.
  • Mains water repair – the customer came to us, upset because their water bill was incredibly high. They had no sign of a leak but by using our leak detection equipment, we traced the leak to the water mains outside the home. Repairing this was easy and inexpensive.

If you think you may have a leak, never ignore it, thinking that it won’t cause any damage. Water leaking into your footings or basement will continue to seep through, eventually damaging the building. At the same time, your water meter charges will be sky high. The money that you are paying on your water bill could be used to repair the leak by giving us a call. Because our specialist leak detection equipment is so sophisticated and manned by qualified staff, we can save you time and money by pinpointing the leak fast.

Fixing your leak

Once we have found the leak, we will discuss with you the possible ways of repairing it. Once you decide which is the best, based upon advice given by us, we will provide you with a detailed free-of-charge quotation so that you know exactly how much the repair work is going to cost.

underground water leak phoenixWithout our leak detection equipment, finding your leak would be like trying to find a ‘needle in a haystack’. Just imagine how much time could be wasted looking in the wrong areas or even worse, digging up the ground and then finding that the leak is elsewhere. Some contractors work this way, but not us. Because we have the right tools and the skills and experience, leak detection is something that we do best.

No matter what type of property you have, we will be able to locate, identify and mark the presence of the hidden leaks, even when they are in underground pipelines.  The method that we choose to use will vary according to the problem we are dealing with.   Leaks can be detected most of the time by using thermal imaging equipment and acoustic sound detectors but we can also include other methods such as gaseous if required.  The goal is to identify and resolve your leak in the fastest way possible and with total confidence and accuracy.  Our service is so reliable that we guarantee to find your leak, no matter how hard it is to find.

By having the ability to sometimes combine leak detection methods, it is far easier to solve your problem.  Depending upon the environment, we will choose the most suitable detection instrument.  Our skilled plumbing engineers are used to providing the most precise and thorough solution to your leak problem.

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Why detect your water leak early?

Our Plumber of Phoenix underground plumbing leak detection service can find the leak before it starts causing major problems in your property. Once the water gets through to the surface then you know that it is possibly already causing problems and from this point on, can be more expensive to repair as you are not only repairing the leak but also putting right the damage.

Water leaks can occur in any type of water pipeline including those used for heating, cooling and bringing in water from the mains.   By locating and repairing your water leak early, there are so many benefits:

  • Damage to property is minimized
  • Legal liability is reduced
  • Insurance claims are minimized or avoided
  • Risk of contamination is reduced
  • Safety of environment is preserved
  • Breaks in main sewer or pipelines can be avoided
  • Unnecessary excavations not required
  • Avoidance of flooding

At the same time, you can avoid huge water bills, mold and mildew in walls, floors and ceilings, and cracks in foundations.

First-class leak detection service.

A lot of the time we can find the leak by listening for the noise made by the water leaving the pipeline. If needed, we will use a mix of instruments to provide the most precise and thorough detection of the leak.  By making use of the latest technology and continually updating our equipment in line with industry recommendations, we can guarantee the provision of a first-class leak detection service.

Very often, the leak will be far below ground or in pipework that is concealing within the structure of the building.  But this does not stop us doing our job.  By utilizing the best process in order to identify the leak, we can find it and then look at the best and most cost-effective way of putting in place the right remedial action.  We will always try and do this with minimum disruption.

Let’s take a look at some of the methods that we use to detect leaks in Phoenix.

thermal imaging phoenixThermal imaging for leak detection in Phoenix

There are many ways of locating leaks from pipes, even when they are buried within the structure of the building.  Thermal imaging is a good method and it works by seeking out differentials in surface temperatures.  Where a leak is present, the water will be at a different temperature to the rest of the building, whether it be in a wall or slab.   We will carry out a survey using a specialist Thermal Imaging Camera.  This will pick up even the slightest differences in temperature within the surface of a range of materials.  Leaks will show even when pipelines are buried underneath floors or within other areas of the building.  These cameras are a big favorite with us as they offer a non-invasive method and the survey can be carried out with minimum disruption quickly and usually without any major excavation having to be carried out.

Acoustic testing for leak detectionAcoustic testing for leak detection in Phoenix

If for some reason we cannot use thermal imaging, then there are other methods available.  If pipes are very well insulated or buried deep within structures, sometimes the change in temperature will not show on the surface.  When this occurs, we will switch to using a special acoustic listening device.  This works on the basis that when a pressurized water pipe is damaged, water leaks out into the surrounding ground or surfaces.  When this happens, the pipe and the material around it vibrate a little at the exit point.  By using extremely sensitive and sophisticated ground microphones, we can trace the source of the leak.  Once this has been pinpointed, a decision can be made as to the best way to repair it.