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Phoenix Tankless Water Heater Installation & Cost

Interested in a Tankless Water Heater Installation in Phoenix? Want to know the cost? Need a tankless water heater repair? We can help...
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Thinking of going tankless?

Highly-efficient, endless hot water, and long warranties are some reasons people in Phoenix love to go tankless.

You’ll save space, conserve energy, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that a large tank of water won’t suddenly leak all over.

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Want to discuss going tankless?

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Hiring us at Plumbers of Phoenix provides you with:

A Licensed Plumber - You’ll know we’re following proper building codes.

Liability Insurance - You’re covered in case something goes wrong.

Workmanship Assurance - Your neighbors use and trust us for a reason. Check out our online reviews.

Warranties & Guarantees - You can hold us to our word because we put it in writing.

Our years of experience coupled with high-quality craftsmanship, keeps our valued customers returning and recommending us to their friends and families. We understand that hot water issues may be urgent, so give us a call now. We’d love to help you.

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Phoenix Tankless Water Heater Repair

Is your water heater not working, leaking, or just getting old?

Here at Plumbers of Phoenix, you’ll get a trustworthy, expert Plumber to repair, service, install, and maintain your water heater.

We keep up to date with all local plumbing code requirements and will provide the quickest service possible at the best price.

Although we do offer onsite estimates, we have taken it a step further to save our customers valuable time, by offering free water heater estimates over the phone or through email. Simply send us a photo of your current water heater, and we can respond with pricing. We can also answer any questions you have via text, phone, and email.

Check out some of our online reviews here: Plumbers of Phoenix Reviews.

We work hard to delight you with consistent customer service, high-quality workmanship, all while taking care of you and your home.

If you want the job done rapidly, professionally, and with one of the lowest prices in town, give us a call so we can help.

All of our work is guaranteed with a labor and material warranty. Depending on the model selected, you can get up to a 25-year warranty.

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Searching for the Best Water Heating Plumbers in Phoenix, AZ?

Services We Provide
  • Water Heater Repairs
  • Tankless Water Heater Repairs
  • Tankless Water Heater Install
  • Water Heater Replacement
  • Tankless Service & Maintenance
  • Water Heater Flushing
  • High-Efficiency Water Heater Installs
  • Water Heater Warranty Swap-Outs
  • Instant Hot Water
  • Smart Water Heaters
  • Hot Water Recirculation Systems

24/7 Emergency Plumber in Phoenix

If you have a plumbing emergency in Phoenix, then we can help. Give us a call at 602-560-7778 to be connected with our on-call emergency plumbers.

Interested in learning if a Tankless Water Heater is right for you?

Get a highly efficient tankless water heater with built in recirculation

With a tankless water heater from Plumbers of Phoenix, you’ll get hot water instantly and continuously.

tankless water heater intsllation phoenix az
A $300.00 tax credit may be available with your tankless water heater installation.
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What’s included in a water heater replacement in Phoenix?

-A highly skilled and proficient technician
-Removal and disposal of your existing water heater.
-Supply and installation of a new water heater.
-Replacement of the water heater flexible connectors and shut off valve.
-New T&P valve
-All incidental materials required for hookup.
-A parts and labor warranty covering water heater, installation, and materials.

We work closely with the city of Phoenix and the local inspector, to ensure all projects we complete meet or exceed minimum code requirements.

RUUD water heater installation phoenixLearn More About RUUD Water Heaters Here

Frequently asked questions regarding traditional and tankless water heaters in Phoenix?

What are the best tank water heaters for Phoenix AZ?

Since most tank water heaters are made the same, we usually recommend selecting a unit that will provide you with the best warranty and access to parts in case of breakdowns. For these reasons, we see RUUD water heaters as the best tank water heaters for Phoenix. The RUUD water heaters are carried at the local supply houses along with all the necessary parts in case a warranty swap is required. Additionally, the RUUD warranty is 6-years parts and labor. This means if we install a water heater for you, you’ll be guaranteed hot water for a minimum of 6-years - and if there is a problem it’s fixed for free.

What about these tankless water heaters I keep hearing about?

A tankless water heater is a popular option when you are faced with replacing your tank water heater. A tankless will conserve energy costs, because it only heats the water on demand. And since it doesn’t store a huge amount of water, you don’t have to worry about leaking tanks that can risk flooding your home. A tankless will also provide you with endless hot water. Simply put, you’ll never run out of hot water with a tankless.

What is the downside of a tankless water heater?

A tankless unit has a higher upfront cost when compared to traditional tank water heaters. They also require more regular maintenance due to hard water issues. Although a tankless can save you on operating costs, some of those savings can be eroded if you don’t have a water softener.

Can a tankless water heater be installed in a closet?

Yes, a tankless water heater can pretty much be installed wherever you deem best. Since the venting is PVC (plastic) and they are only about the size of a small suitcase, your options for installation can vary.

How much does it cost to have a tankless water heater installed in Phoenix AZ?

Pricing is relative to the home, the size unit selected, the brand you choose, and the required tasks to complete the installation. On average, the cost for a tankless water heater installation in Phoenix AZ ranges from $2800 to $3700.

Is a tankless water heater worth it?

This depends on the home and the people that live in it. Is a tankless best for everyone? No. But if you want to help safeguard your home from floods, have endless hot water, and benefit from a long warranty, then a tankless may be right for your home.

Which is better, electric or gas tankless?

Gas tankless is better than electric. This is because gas systems are more energy efficient. Additionally, gas tankless systems are made with different materials such as stainless steel versus copper like the electric tankless. Electric tankless uses much more power than gas models making electric tankless not energy efficient.

How much should it cost to have a water heater installed in Phoenix AZ?

The average price range to have a water heater installed in Phoenix AZ is $900 to $1500, with most projects costing around $1200.

How long do water heaters last in Arizona?

Most water heaters will last 10-15 years in AZ, due to our mineral rich water and chlorine and chemical content that causes the gradual wear & tear tank water heaters endure.

How long does a water heater installation take?

Tank water heater installations usually take 2-4 hours, while a tankless installation is generally a 4-8 hour project.

Can a homeowner install their own water heater?

Yes, a homeowner can install their own water heater. There is an obvious benefit when leaving it to the professionals, but with Youtube being a great resource of “how-to” videos, a water heater replacement can definitely be a DIY project.

How to Turn Off a Leaking Water Heater

1. Turn off the electric or gas:

GAS: Rotate the dial on the thermostat to the “off” position. This dial is located near the bottom of the water heater.

ELECTRIC: Locate your electrical breaker panel and flip the breaker for the water heater.

2. Turn off water supply to the water heater:

Your water heater will have a valve located on top of the water heater on the cold (usually on the right if you're facing the heater) side.

3. Drain the water heater:

Although this step isn’t absolutely necessary, it can help avoid further damage to your home if the water is leaking into surrounding building materials. With the water off, use a garden hose and attach it to the hose-bib located at the bottom of the water heater. Run one end of the house outside into the yard. Fully open the hose-bib. After opening the hose-bib you’ll want to open a faucet on the hot water side which will release the vacuum seal in the water pipes. Water heaters can take 45 minutes or so to fully drain.

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Why do people in Phoenix AZ trust Plumbers of Phoenix as their water heater company?

-We can service, maintain, repair, and install any brand of water heater.

-We are local to Phoenix, and know the codes and construction of the area.

-We provide traditional water heater repair and replacement and tankless water heaters.

-We are not only licensed, but certified with some water heater manufacturers. This brings you not only an experienced plumber, but an expert with more familiar knowledge in water heating.

-We provide one of the lowest prices in town along with rapid responses.

- Our warranty covers parts and labor with little limitations- getting you back in hot water fast and providing you with peace of mind.

Our experienced staff is ready to answer questions and schedule service. Call us now to talk about your options.